10 March 2009

Time Flies...no matter what

Ford remarked today that we are now 1/3 through the month of March. Whoa!! Where is the time going?

Each day Ford is looking better. His color is good. His eyes look brighter. His head (thinking) appears to be less foggy. He seems to have a bit more energy.

I held my breath as he stood on the scales yesterday until the number came up. He not only stabilized, he gained two pounds! He may have been as relieved and happy as I was. He has been so good to eat everything I have put in front of him even though he might not be hungry.

He was able to work a bit on his BYU projects. He exercised on the "trike" as he calls the recumbent exercise bike.

He has established a nighttime routine to see if he can get to sleep.

Last night he went to sleep on his own and slept until 4:00 am. Hurray! Then he laid back down at 6:00 am and slept until about 8:30 am.

Today was the last day of the antibiotics he was taking for the aspiration pneumonia and he has just two more days of the tapering off of Prednisone.

When he got on the scale this morning, I cheered. He has gained three more pounds!

I am sure we will not keep up this pace of weight gain but if we should, he will weigh more than he has EVER. (-:

That may at least give us a head start on the next round of chemo, 17 March 2009. May the luck of the Irish be with us. Or better yet, may all of your and our prayers continue to be answered.

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  1. I'm not sure the Irish are so lucky! My Irish ancestor was born on a ship on the way to America! Not too easy for her mom, I'm sure.

    But I wish God's best blessings for you. We are praying as you asked, and adding a very important request for blessings for Margaret. You are so sweet, all you asked for was help for Ford, but this is a huge stress on you too.

    It was so funny; I stopped in the middle of my prayer with A. and ran upstairs to grab the paper I printed with your prayer request. He was puzzled until he realized what I was doing. I can't find the paper now; I think he took it upstairs for his prayer and scripture time.