17 March 2009

There has been a constant flow of traffic in and out of Room 588 today. With tests, scans, labs, techs, PA's, PCA's, RN's, doctors, and family & friends things have been busy.

Ford is looking and feeling much better this evening. In fact, he is hyper with all the food that he has been eating today. I'm still going for a better weight gain with this extra time before the next chemo.

First I learned that the plural of embolism is emboli. Who knew.

Next, as much as Dr. Alward has tried to get rid of us, we are not getting rid of him. He is back on Ford's case and is looking to discharging him tomorrow, if nothing new develops. Dr. Alward had a consultation with Dr. Glenn today and if Ford is released tomorrow, then we are scheduled for the next chemo treatment at 7:00 am on Thursday, 3/19.

Ford will be taking injections of Lovenox throughout the rest of chemo treatment and for some months after. Then he will be on some sort of blood thinners for the rest of his life.

We will see what the next few days bring.

Note: There are at least three members of our Ward here at UVRMC and a family member of one of our Ward members. Our prayers are with all of them also.

In every instance, things could have been worse and yet are not. We are grateful for the blessings.

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