06 March 2009

Relaxing at Home

"Do we have anywhere we need to go today?" Ford asked me this morning.

"No," I answered.

"That's good. That will be very nice," he replied.

And that is how is was today. Sound boring? Sometimes boring is just right.

Things seem to be normalizing somewhat. Ford has trouble getting to sleep and then if he wakes up, he has trouble getting back to sleep. I estimate he probably got 4 1/2 sleep added all together last night and early this morning. What does he do when he can't sleep? We walk.

His system seems to be regulating a bit now (Yeah! for flax oil and warm almond milk).

The pain in his stomach is lessening. We hope that we can determine the source and get it resolved. The doctors think it might be the constipation, or the Prednisone which can be hard on stomachs, or the ulcer found when the endoscopy was done, or it just may be the cancer. Eenie, meenie, (how do you spell miney?), moe.

In my opinion, he looks great! He has lost weight, about 5.5 lbs through the ordeals of this past week. His color is good. He looks much happier. His thinking is still a bit muddled and slow due to the hyponatremia. That should improve as he gets back into a regular routine. Also, I heard recently that to improve brain function we should try switching things up. Get out of our comfort zone with simple things. For example, if we usually brush our teeth with our right hand, try using the left instead. If we eat with our left hand, try using our right, and so on. Social connections help also, so we are grateful for the cards, emails, phone calls, and short visits. These and other things are on my list for us to work on together.

Ford was glad to be able to sit and watch it snow and not have to go out in it.

Today I feel like I may have gotten a bit ahead of the bus instead of being run over by it. I've gotten some dishes washed, some laundry washed, the taxes done, and some bills paid. We even got to enjoy a limited visit from Lalani (daughter #1) and granddaughter (I started to type grandbaby, but she is growing up so fast, she's not a baby anymore). She is a lot fun to watch and it did Grandpa some good.

Tomorrow we are hoping for another uneventful day. I am now focusing on what is necessary to help Ford gain some much needed weight. I've had many people say that they wish they could donate some of what they have. Hey, if they could find a way, everyone would have to stand in line behind me. {-:


  1. You 2 are amazing. You have such a positive attitude about this. You are my hero. Love you

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't mind giving him that 5.5 pounds he has lost--and then some!