13 March 2009

The past two days have been fairly uneventful. We like uneventful.

Ford has been looking well. He has had a bit more energy. His nights have been a little restless, yet he has gotten several hours sleep (he has gotten to sleep, woken up, stayed awake, then fallen back to sleep). Some is much better than none.

He weight yesterday was up a few pounds. Today he was down a little. I guess that this may be normal for the situation. I would like several more pounds to stay before the next chemo treatment.

Ford went to work for a few hours at BYU on Wednesday. Then Thursday was an at-home day. Today he worked from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm. He was glad to be working and accomplishing something. But he was very tired and glad to come home.

The Mtn. West tourney is his focus tonight and tomorrow night. Go Cougars!

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