26 March 2009

Ode to Spring

One of Ford's common Spring sayings is: "Spring has sprung; the grass is riz. I wonder what this white stuff is?"

More snow. I suppose it is April Conference next weekend and the weather usually is fairly blustery at this time of year.

Ford was able to get a fairly good amount of sleep last night. He did have a few painful spot, but we tested to see if it was due to lack of hydration. After drinking some more liquid, most of the pain subsided. Then we tried some good, old-fashioned hot chocolate. It wasn't long before he dropped off.

Something dawned on me last night. If I remember going to sleep on Tuesday night and the next thing I know I am waking up on Saturday, I might be a little anxious about going to sleep. Ford has no recall of the seizure, ambulance ride, the ER, the time in ICU, or the transfer to the 7th floor at UVRMC. That is about an 80-hour gap. No wonder he might feel a little anxious.

Today is the most tired and pep-less that I have seen Ford since before he started chemo. He is trying to maintain a routine, but tires very quickly. His weight has dropped a few pounds in the last three days. He is headed into the period where his WBC count and his immunity will be the lowest, typically, for someone in chemo treatment.

We did make it into the Outpatient Lab at UVRMC to have the special test run that Dr. Alward ordered. The phlebotomist Ford had is good. This is the second time she has done the blood draw. She is pleasant, quick, and empathetic. Now we wait to see what the results are.

Ford asked if he could go in to work for an hour today. With the cold weather and wind, the amount of flu and other sickness that is going around, and his total lack of energy, I am the meany and said no. Hopefully staying home now will mean more time he can spend in the coming weeks. He has managed to work a couple of hours a day. He is finding the smaller size of screen and keyboard on the laptop difficult to work with and a bit of a strain. His supervisors at BYU have been great at accommodating him while he has been out with this illness so we are glad for what they have given him to work with and on. We are researching other options with the resources we have. If only the programs were
http://www.maclife.com/files/u57/apple-logo1.jpg compatible... sigh.

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  1. Do they have an extra desktop lying around somewhere that he could bring home? He could set up a temporary office that would be easier to use than the laptop.