16 March 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Surprise of surprises. Tonight about 7:30 pm Ford came into the room where I was and (as he would say) "fessed" up. He looked a little pale and I asked if he was okay. This has become a routine question for me to ask and I ask about 10-15 times a day. He said that he had a pain in his chest. I queried him on the type of pain, the degree, etc. then took his temperature. It was normal. I called the HCI oncologist that was on call. It was one we had spoken with before who is super nice. He said that we really needed to go to the ER and have him checked out. I cringed. After the last ER visit I really did not relish the idea of going back. But we did. Funny thing, I have been trying to figure out how to make amends for getting off on the wrong foot last time we were there and tonight gave me an opportunity. Most of the same people were on duty tonight. I took a box of chocolate truffles and gave my sincere apologies. Everyone was so very nice! And I feel a lot better.

Anyway, back to Ford. His EKG showed enough abnormalities that the cardiologist wanted him admitted to due further tests. This time we are on the fifth floor in room 588. No chemo tomorrow. Good news is that his sodium levels are up to 140. His white blood cell count is up also.

I will update the situation when I am able to access a computer. Until then...

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