17 March 2009

It's Twins!

Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls: We have a matching set of pulmonary embolisms, one in each lung.

Ford is officially back on Coumadin (orally) with a Lovenox chaser by injection. No more vitamin K and no more spinach.

The stress test scheduled for the early morning has now been replaced by bi-lateral ultrasound to determine if there are any clots in his legs.

We did just check this last week at the U of U, but only on one leg. Seems something developed since then.

No time frame yet on the length of stay in the hospital this time. Ford is hoping for an early release.


  1. I'm sorry that there has been a setback. I bet you'd like a dull moment!

  2. You 2 are truly amazing. You're in our prayers daily. Keep up the good spirits. Love you both.