27 March 2009

Halfway to Next Round

The picture and text that was included in this blog evidently is not showing up on all computers. This was sent to me by my cousin in Houston and I thought we could all relate on one level or another. It has become a favorite.
The picture shows two elderly men (guessing somewhere in their eighties) sitting on a park bench near a lake. One says to the other:

"My wife said, 'Whatcha doin' today?'
I said, 'Nothing.'
She said, 'You did that yesterday.'
I said, 'I wasn't finished.' "

Today has been fairly uneventful. Ford was able to get to sleep pretty easily last night and slept for several hours.

By noon today he had weighed in, had his Lovenox shot, eaten breakfast, had a visit from our oldest daughter and our granddaughter (always a delight), and programmed for a couple of hours. Although tired, he felt like he had accomplished something.

This afternoon I had an appointment in Lindon so Ford spent a little over an hour with the granddaughter. She showed him her toys, he read her a story, then settled down on the couch to watch Pinocchio and Grandpa had a short nap. Pretty low key all-in-all.

Ford's first hat has arrived to help protect his head.
It is definitely a new look for him, a blue beret style. It will take some getting used to. We'll see how the other one looks on him when it arrives. It is a black cap. The only two hats that I have ever seen Ford wear regularly is his bike helmet and his BYU baseball-style cap. These don't look anything like those.

We continue to receive a LOT of blessings, both big and small. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We are grateful for family and friends and for capable medical support. We are also grateful for
the Gospel of Jesus Christ and being able to be a part of the Plan of Salvation. Next week will be a welcome opportunity to listen to President Monson and other leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We will also be appreciative of warmer weather.

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  1. Ford would look great in a "driving cap." Also, my boys sometimes wear a black fedora and look great but it's more for formal occasions.