23 March 2009

Good times

Yesterday and today have been good days. Ford had one bout of nausea yesterday and none, so far, today. He is maintaining his weight within a pound or two. He does not have much strength or stamina. His appetite is fair. He has been able to sleep somewhat better than average.

He may feel well enough to work some of the days this week, however, it seems that the flu is spreading around and we will not chance his getting exposed.

We had tickets to attend the Draper Temple dedication but because of his lack of stamina and the chance of being exposed to something in the very large crowd that was expected to attend at our Stake Center, we chose to stay home.

It would be really nice to be able to attend Sacrament meeting, but there again, we cannot risk the exposure. For some reason, we have been missed the past two weeks by the young Priesthood men that bring the Sacrament to those who cannot attend. Maybe next week.

We enjoyed having daughter # 3 home for a visit this weekend. She will be finishing up her freshman year in just a few weeks. It was also nice having daughter # 2 and her husband visit us at the University Guest House on Friday. It was fun to play a rousing game of Robo Rally and share a pizza! We also were able to see our daughter # 1 for a few minutes late Saturday night. It has been a good weekend.

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