24 March 2009

Finding a Routine

Last night Ford had a difficult time settling down to sleep. We are assuming that it is the Prednisone that gives him an added side effect of energy and appetite. He takes it in the early morning in hopes it will be less of factor at bedtime. It is a four-day-after-chemo dosage, so yesterday was the last dose for this round. We will see if it makes any difference tonight. Around 1 am, he finally asked for the Melatonin that we got approved by the HCI doctors (thanks Dr. Jeff for the suggestion). Within an hour he was asleep. He was able to sleep several hours until a little past 8 am.

So far this morning he has been able to get his first breakfast of shredded wheat and milk eaten and, also, his second breakfast of eggs, potatoes, & plant protein sausage. We've given him his daily Lovenox (he says I'm getting better each day). Then it was our first time at the new Outpatient Center at UVRMC for his weekly blood draw. That is really a nice facility. We like the ample parking that is close to the building and more specialized areas.

We ran a couple of errands and then back home for his lunch. We are both exhausted so it looks like a great time for a nap.

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