20 March 2009

Clear Skies

Last night went fairly smoothly. Ford was exhausted, as can be expected. He watched a bit of the NCAA tournament, read a bit, and went to bed. He slept well from about 11:00 pm until around 4:00 am. Then he tossed and turned and napped.

We were due back at the HCI at 7 am for lab work and to pick up our new schedule. It was a much easier commute this morning than it was yesterday.

Ford has not had a headache yet today. He is having recognizable discomfort from the lack of his normal amount of fluid intake. (He is a good patient. Whatever the doctor tells him, he tries to follow.) He said he didn't have any nausea until we arrived at the HCI and were done with the blood draw. I, of course, had left the anti-nausea meds in the room at the Guest House. We went upstairs to the Point to get some breakfast. It is on the sixth floor. The view is awesome. We are up so high that when I brought the breakfast tray over to the table and looked out the window, I got nauseated. We worked through breakfast. Ford did admirably.

The nurse (Debbie is an awesome nurse) said that the lab results look good (sodium =141).

While we were sitting waiting for the results and the new schedule, our next door neighbors, Marv and Doris, walk in to the clinic area. He is having a procedure done today. We wish them the best possible outcome. Wow, there are many of our neighbors and Ward members that are going through tough challenges of their own. This is sure a good time to pull together.

We are back at the Guest House where Ford was able to take the meds he needed. He has been able to sleep a bit more. We will be taking it very easy today. We are thankful that these facilities are available and so close to help if we need it.

We will see how quiet it is this evening when the Utes play their first round game.

If all goes without incident and Ford is doing well, we will be back to Provo tomorrow.

Thank you for continued prayers and for expressions of love and encouragement that you are so willing to share with us. When we take time to consider the magnitude of it all, it is certainly humbling.

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