25 March 2009

Cannot Stay Away

At nearly 10 pm last night Ford told me that he was having chest pains again. We went to the ER to get him check over. We spent a little over four hours there. He had a CT scan of the chest again to check for blood clots or changes. There was no significant change from the last one that was taken a week ago. The ER doctor and the on-call doctor from the pulmonolgist group decided to increase his dose of Lovenox (blood thinner). They gave him a shot before we left the ER and told us to check in with Dr. Alward in the morning to verify if that is what he wanted to have happen.

Ford was able to take a couple of short naps in the ER (no small miracle) but by the time he arrived home, he could not get to sleep. He finally dropped off around 4 am after another dose of Melatonin.

This morning was filled with coordinating information between the HCI doctors and Dr. Alward's office. Dr. Alward does not want to have the dosage of blood thinner increased. He has another course he wants to take. He is working on why Ford is having clots.

Because Ford had been given a shot this morning, I did not have to give him one today. Ford gave me a big compliment when he told me that I had learned to give a shot a lot easier to receive than the one the nurse gave in the ER .

We are just puttering around today. Ford is getting some programming time in each day. Most of his team at work are at a conference in Colorado this week. It would have been a good week to go in to the office and get things done without to many people around. Alas, he is homebound for a little while longer.

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