03 February 2009

We're Hoping for Twins...

...twin reports, that is, of a sort.

The results of one test are in and the other should come soon. The oncologist called with the results of the bone marrow biopsy. He told us that the test showed that Ford has Low Grade Lymphoma. "It is slow growing, incurable yet treatable, with life measured in decades. It is more treatable faster." He said that the type is probably Waldenstrohm, but may be Marginal Zone. It is one of the two kinds, but doesn't matter because they are treated the same. He said that lymphoma is the best kind of cancer to get because it is very treatable.

He verified that Ford does not have MGUS or Multiple Myeloma.

But he said that the bigger issue for now is in the stomach. We need to wait and see what those biopsy results tell us. It may be a different cancer and a whole different ball game. It would be great if it also turned out to be a lymphoma. He said we'll see on Wednesday afternoon unless he calls us sooner.

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