28 February 2009

Upward & Onward

When I arrived at the hospital today, Ford was sitting up and just beginning to devour real food. He fed himself two breakfast trays of food. He was truly hungry. He also is waking up more. The sedative is finally wearing off. He knew he was in the hospital and asked me how he came to be there.

Around 10:30 am, he was moved from the ICU up to the 7th floor. It is quite different leaving the ICU where he had one-on-one care focused on his well-being and knew his history.

He has rested and slept most of today. He ate pretty well at lunch and ate all of his supper. He insists on doing everything for himself. He is getting his balance and bearings back.

Tonight, with some help, he was able to get up and walk to the bathroom. This is great and will help his system begin working well. He has had some stomach issues today and we are hoping this gives him some relief.
He is now asking when he can go home.

He is tired and uncomfortable. We would still like to limit his visitors, especially as he moves into the time when the chemo treatment will kick his white blood cell count down really low and limit his immune system's ability to fight off infection.

We do appreciate the phone calls, emails, and offers of food. If you want to bring anything over, please call or take it down to my mom. One wonderful neighbor family left a treat on our doorstep and another neighbor's dog ate it before we were able to enjoy it.

Thanks to you all again for your support.

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