13 February 2009

Tidbits of Info

Ford went to the orthodontist yesterday to get his braces off. On the counter in the reception area the staff has placed a notebook with a running documentary of Dr. Dalzen's accident. One page had the post surgery xrays of his shoulder. It looked as if someone had emptied their toolbox of screws and wires and pieces of metal. Ouch. It was a nice repair job, just a LOT of hardware to do it. Ford took a look and immediately said that he wouldn't trade places, even under the circumstances.

The braces were removed and the impression was taken for the splint (a nice little clear plastic retainer sort of like a whitening tray). I smiled as Ford ran his tongue over his teeth and had the same response that our daughters, me, and the majority of those that get to sign THE WALL have: "There is a lot of space...they feel so big...etc." It took some work to get the glue and cement off the teeth. There is still one stubborn place that may work off on its own. The one result of taking the braces off that I had forgotten and that Ford didn't expect is that without the wires and all putting tension on his teeth, his teeth (and/or gums) hurt last night. Sort of a reverse effect without the support. Today we go back for the splint. That should help

We certainly have been getting an education with all that is going on. Ford has had the opportunity to work with a man that has pretty much dedicated his life to researching cancer. He has sent us some material and places to research on our own. Also, he has given very helpful suggestions on things we might do in this process.

Last night we attended a wedding reception with many of our friends from the neighbor we used to live in. We received many expressions of concern, love, and support.

Quite by coincidence I also met a man last night that has been battling a very rare form of cancer for several years. He chose to go to the Huntsman Institute for treatment and gave us some tips on how to get around, where the good places to eat were, where to find the courtesy carts that can ferry us around if Ford gets too tired, and a suggestion on how to schedule things once we get going with treatment.

I am very grateful for each and every moment that someone spends helping us no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to anyone. It is huge in our lives. We appreciate the prayers. They carry so much strength for us. Thank you to you all.

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