27 February 2009

Slow & steady

Ford continues to improve. Tonight his sodium level is at 133. He has been trying to clear his head today. He is able to talk and answer some questions. It is slow going as he gets his brain to communicate the answers to his mouth. By tonight, there was even more improvement. He is still unsure of why he is in the hospital and what the events were that got him there.

The arterial line that was put in while in the ER was removed this morning. The bi-pap machine for breathing was also removed. He was not given any sedation all day long. His output was good. The EEG came back showing no seizures. An x-ray of his lungs showed improvement.

Tonight he was able to tell us that he was hungry. He had some clear liquids: two small cartons of cranberry juice and some chicken broth. He is also aware enough to tell me that he feels really crummy.

He was moved to the other side of the Critical Care ICU to get him further away from some possible exposure to some nasty bugs. Tomorrow he will most likely be moved to the Intermediate ICU and started on a soft diet.

He will not be transferred to SLC. The doctors at the HCI are in communication with the doctors here and with me.

Slow and steady is the course of recovery as of tonight.

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  1. We are glad to see so much improvement. I haven't tried to call you since you are probably in and out. What can we do? Does Ford like crosswords, puzzles, etc? What sort of quiet things to do with his hands would be good?