11 February 2009

Second Opinion

A quick update to say that I think the staff at the Huntsman Cancer Institute are amazing.

By 8:30 am, I had made contact with the patient coordinator in the Lymphoma area and answered all the questions they needed answered.

By 11:30 am, the coordinator called me back telling me that they had managed to get copies of all the necessary reports except the Endoscopy biopsy results (the one we waited almost two weeks for). She had contacted the coordinator in the Provo oncologist's office in order to try and secure them. Since we had not said anything to anyone in the Provo office and because we were scheduled to begin treatment on Friday, I called and canceled the start of treatment.

We have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday, 17 February at 10 am with one of the Lymphoma specialists at the Huntsman Institute.

Also, Ford goes to the orthodontist tomorrow to have his braces removed and take necessary impressions for a splint (special plastic retainer). Our wonderful orthodontist agreed that taking out the braces for the time being would be a good idea until chemo treatment is completed. I was more than a little surprised when I found out that our orthodontist is laid up at home after having a skiing accident last week. We certainly wish him a speedy recovery!

The other news of the day is that Ford and I agreed that for the duration of the treatment, I needed to not be working on the weekends. So if anyone knows of a good receptionist or needs a job, I know of a very good place to work.

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