26 February 2009

ICU Update

Ford is in the ICU at Utah Valley Regional Med Center. He is being treated for hyponatremia. His sodium level dropped and created a series of events yesterday which started with confusion and nausea. He began throwing up no matter which anti nausea medicine we tried. When I called the HCI, they believed that he was having a reaction to the Prednisone and/or one of the anti nausea meds. It got worse in the evening. He didn't really know where he was or what was going on. And he couldn't keep anyting down. Sometime after 10 pm, he had a seizure. We called 911. The paramedics worked to stablize him and then transported him to UVRMC. The doctors and staff quickly evaluated what was going on. Along with low sodium levels, he had aspirated fluid into his lungs. He is also being treated for pneumonia. The critical care doctor explained today that it is important that they get on top of this before the chemo treatment kicks in because about Wednesday-Thursday, his immune system will be at its lowest.

The HCI doctors agreed that he was being very-well cared for at UVRMC and that they would wait until he became more stable before they tried to move him up to the U of U Med Center.

Bringing sodium levels up needs to be done slowly so that other bad things do not happen.

FYI: Sodium levels should normally be somewhere between 135-145 mmol/L. Ford's were at 114 last night. This drop was sudden, within a matter of about 24 hours.

They have been able to bring that level up to 116-117, but they have kind of stuck there this afternoon. They are working on how to correct this and get things moving again in the right direction.

When his levels increase some more, he will begin to recognize a little more what is happening. Right now he is sedated. He is not aware of where he is or what is going on around him.

He is also on a bi-pap machine that helps him with his oxygen levels and helps to clear his lungs.

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