19 February 2009

Focusing and Preparing

Things are definitely getting put in order.

Ford's supervisors and co-workers at BYU have been totally wonderful. The arrangements have been made and approved for him to work from home when necessary. He has accumulated quite a bit of vacation and sick days. That will help also.

My supervisor at BYU is an amazing person. She was very understanding and has agreed to put me on an "injured" reserve list until we can figure out what I will be able to do in the future.

At Cove Point, I gave notice that I would be unable to work weekends. They were very kind. On Wednesday, the director invited me (strongly suggested) to take time off from doing the weekday activities so that I could give full energy & concentration to helping Ford. That is a very generous act because now they have another area to fill. I love doing the activities and I love the people I work for and with. Although I will miss them the choice is very simple.

Tomorrow afternoon we travel back to the Huntsman Institute for a PET scan. Then a weekend to rest and continue to prepare for next week. We have a lot a material to read through and so much to try and comprehend. We are trying to "eat this elephant" one bite at a time (hopefully without getting indigestion). <-:

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