04 February 2009

And the envelope please.

The appointment with the oncologist today was to find out the results of the biopsies from the endoscopy that was done a week ago.

And the answer is: the results are not back yet.

The lab work is tested in a place in Connecticut. The oncologist had called and pushed them for results. We were sitting in the office waiting to see if the lab back East had already closed for the day, if they would call back, and if they had results.

In the mean time we discussed the ins and outs of Waldenstrohms, the type of low grade cell B lymphoma that they know that Ford has in his bones. The treatment is chemotherapy, IV for one week every four weeks for six months.

Anyway, about 20 minutes into the discussion, a gastroenterologist came in and said he had spoken with the head pathologist and he had sent samples to UCLA to be tested. When that lab was called, they were told that it takes a lot of time to complete these tests. However, the pathologist said that at first glance, the cancer looked like a lymphoma. I asked the doctor if it could be either of the other two kinds that were pretty bad. He said that lymphoma looks nothing like the other two so if the pathologist said he thought it was lymphoma, then the likelihood is good. There are 40+ types of lymphoma. They are trying to nail down which one we are dealing with. So far, it is incurable but treatable.

We are feeling pretty blessed about now. Again, thank you for all the prayers and support you have given and are giving. We are sincerely grateful.

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