22 January 2009

Falling for the Nurse

Today we arrived at Central Utah Clinic Imaging Department just a little before our scheduled time. Before we even had a chance to warm the seats in the waiting area, Ford was called back for his CT scan. I have usually gone with him, at his request, until they take him in for the whatever they may be doing. This time I didn't. I maybe should have.

Along about 3:30 pm (part way through Jon & Kate Plus Eight), Ford came out into the waiting area. To put it mildly, he looked terrible. He was pale,
disheveled, and disoriented. I stood up and he motioned me to sit back down. He made his way over to me and sat down.

"I passed out," he said. "Who passes out putting an IV in?" he queried.

"Evidently you do," was my answer as I patted him. "What happened?"

"The nurse was inserting the IV when I fell into her. She pushed me back on the exam table, then I heard running and scrambling."

Everything after that was pretty uneventful. The dye didn't make him sick or hallucinate as it has done once before. It was pretty quick and simple.

Now Ford is resting comfortably at home under piles of blankets with a heating pack on his arm in order to hopefully fend off the usual blood clot at the site of the IV.

With lots of water and supper down him, he is feeling okay.

We are hoping that we get a call from the doctor tomorrow morning. Otherwise, of course, we wait.

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  1. If it makes him feel better, Anthony passes out with any kind of needle stuck in him. They drained a blood blister under his thumbnail once and it was a while before we could walk out of there!